Stainless Steel Sink
Granite Cleaner

Granite & Marble Polish

Excellent for High Use Countertops
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Goddards Wood Works

Wood Works® Wood Floor Clean & Shine

Resists Spills and Scuffing
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Cook top
Glass Cooktop Cleaner

Glass Cooktop Cleaner

Removes Toughest Burned On Foods Fast
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Originally founded in Leicester, England, Goddard’s fine cleaners and polishes are used by professionals, museums and estates around the world. They have found that there are no other products that shine and protect their valued belongings like Goddard’s.

Today’s consumers can get those same time-tested formulas for their valuable, or simply valued, possessions. Goddard’s uses the finest natural ingredients. No harsh abrasives or chemicals. And Goddard’s protects metal, wood, stone and glass surfaces with natural sealants that keep a long-lasting shine.